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Not Lost, Just Discovering 3″x”3 Vinyl Circle Sticker


Show off your love of the outdoors, adventuring, travel, and self-discovery with this 3″x3″ vinyl sticker.

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Product Description

Stickers! How Do I Get Some?

Like adventures? Like travel? Do you frequently wander around in the mountains or foreign countries? So do we—and we love to show it off with this outdoor sticker!

So join us! Because with @notlostjustdiscovering ….means you know life isn’t just meant to be lived one way: it’s meant to be discovered, one mission, and one trip at a time…and because the story of your life is written one day at a time….

This 3″x3″ vinyl sticker is perfect for water bottles, snowboards and skis, helmets, surfboards, and laptops. It’s waterproof, fade-proof, and won’t peel or flake.

There are Two Ways, Really…

Method 1:  Buy One

Yup, good old fashioned commerce. But good news:  we give 10% of our profits to a good cause!

Method 2:  Share One

We do LOVE to get pictures/art/stories from our fans…so when you share a photo on Instagram of our sticker and tag us, we’ll contact you to send you another one….for free! Thanks for your continued support of our brand!

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