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Permaculture Farming in Chiloe, Chile

WorkAway and Permaculture in Chiloe, Chile

Leading In:  Exploring Solitude

There is comfort in the solitude of exploring a new place alone:  you can be who you want, you can do what you want, your schedule is what you make it, and yet…..the unavoidable sense of isolation from your friends and family and what you identify as the things that mean you are “home” are gone.

I’d embraced wholeheartedly the “Ruta de Volcanes,” hiking up and snowboarding down Antuco, Lonquimay, Villarica, and various others for the previous several months, but the

I had just bought a roundtrip ticket back to the States for Christmas, so now it was real:  I would be staying in South America for a while.


Where it all began

Listening to Jeroen’s talk in San Clemente, Chile

I’ll See you in Chiloe

Alihuen is managed using permaculture principles to undertake sustainable organic agriculture while at the same time working towards large scale conservation measures to improve biodiversity and landscape connectivity in the region. They are rapidly approaching 22,000 trees planted on Alihuen and the effects are noticeable

Alihuen: An Agrarian Conservation Story from ASK on Vimeo.

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