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About the Project

An Overview of the Not Lost, Just Discovering Project

This is not just one girl’s story: this is all of ours. The ups and downs of life, the life events that can set us back, the days that make you feel like just giving up? Those are the waypoints in life that are a true judge of our character.

This project is dedicated to those who are exploring both themselves and the world, those who are inspired by the beauty of the outdoors, and those who seek to do something more purposeful with their lives. This project, honestly, is dedicated to anyone on the path to self-actualization.

The idea? That the journeys on the outside strengthen the ones within. Live. Love. Travel.

Where This Began

It all started with one person:  me! But this isn’t a story of just “how Dani is flipping her life upside down and doing something differently;” instead, this is the documentation of the experiences, influences, adventures, and journeys along the way. Because we’re a sum of our experiences, and don’t just become the person we were meant to be on our own, there are stories here that include adventures with friends, self-exploration through travel and pushing the limits, and even some of the deeper, woo-woo, spirituality kind of stuff.

It’s been a pretty wild ride so far, and there are no signs of it slowing down.

Where It’s Going

Not Lost, Just Discovering:  Beyond Me

In my heart of hearts, I’d love to be a part of the global communities that exist around anyone working on their self-actualization. To collect and share stories, ultimately, to learn from each other:  this is what has made this journey even more rich.

So, if you’d like to be a part of this effort, shoot me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

For Just Lil Ole Me

I like to think about this journey in three (or more) phases:


2014-2015 in South America. My gap year. The year I took totally off to dirtbag around Chile, Argentina, and Peru in a Subaru I bought in Chile. The year I took to heal. The year I took to do nothing other than what made me purely happy, purely stoked, and purely sure I could never be just a dirtbag, living out of my car and having fun. There’s so much more than that:  I needed to use my brain, I needed to give back, I needed to do something bigger than myself…


I had reset that year in South America, and aside from rediscovering my values, recognizing that my work ethic and desire to speak out for conservation, access-to-sport, and women’s representation in the outdoors was so important to me, something else happened:  I spent all my money.

It was important to work, but what would I do? Returning to corporate America wasn’t going to happen, so I took the next step:  setting the intention to become location independent. This journey is still on-going, so stay tuned.


I have no clue what will happen here. That’s exciting, right?

This is my happy place…. . Makes sense I should go there more often, right? . ONWARD: If 2014/15 in South América was a time to heal, to learn what really mattered to me, to take a gap year and recover from the stresses of corporate America and the scars of an abusive relationship, then that mission can be considered accomplished. . UPWARD: And now, it’s time for chapter 2: for something I’ve worked this entire year on: to be location independent, to travel the world, to grow and learn and become wholehearted regardless of the challenges and frustrations encountered along the way. . So I’m beyond stoked to say this: MEXICO, EL SALVADOR, NICARAGUA, GUATEMALA: here I come. ¡¡¡Me voy para allá!!!! . And that in writing the story that is my life, this volume is going to be F***ing RAD. Wait til you see what else is in the works…. ?@endless.winterer . #behappy #createthelifeyouwant #createcultivate #makers #sheroams #neverstopexploring #notlostjustdiscovering #wanderlust #beautifulexplorers #sheexplores #startup #nomadlife #nomads #dharmabums #goodvibesonly #mermaidlife #surfergirl #surfing #beachlife #becauselife #becauseoutside #girltribe #girlgetoutside #workhardplayhard #remotework #healing #journey #wholeheart #survivor #gritandvirtue

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